Ready to become the artist of your dreams? 

Join the award winning program designed to transform your art, help you deeply and masterfully create abstract pieces that inspire and leave you awe-struck, so you can finally connect with the world and yourself through your creativity.

Join me to produce art that connects to your soul.

The Abstract Art Intensive

A totally unique online art program. Its focus is on integrating abstract art techniques with your own creative voice to paint personal and powerful artwork.

For 8 meaningful, art-filled weeks you will learn essential tools to create glorious abstract art, while gaining personal insights into your distinctive creative process.

This transformational method will allow your art to flourish like never before. 

Who is it for? 

Artists of all levels that want to learn more about abstract art and finding their artistic voice from experienced to total novice.

Anyone and everyone who has ever dreamed of creating. 



Deeply transform your art so that your work is predictable, powerful, and speaks to your soul


Learn the tools

with step by step instructional videos, learn all the solid tools and artistic principles you need to give you the confidence and pathway to success



Whether beginner or experienced, create abstract art that connects you to a piece of yourself and lets your voice finally be seen by the world.

You feel the calling to create, to paint powerfully from your heart in a way that is uniquely you

What's stopping you?

  • You feel insecure about your artistic abilities. You want to create wildly with abandon and courage but you feel like you don't have the tools you need.

  • Your are overwhelmed with where to start. The blank canvas feels like a ball and chain and you need a roadmap to begin your creations.

  • You are stuck and alone in the process, not sure how to get out of your rut but know you need to do something different. You need a guide, and a community to support you- a blueprint to show you the way.


Meanwhile, time passes, none of us are getting any younger, and you are discouraged, wondering if you will ever get there......

Just Imagine

Feeling Fully Alive and connected in creative community that supports, encourages, and inspires you

Having the tools and the confidence to predictably and repeatedly produce abstract art that speaks to your soul (and is highly salable!)

Experiencing the joy and freedom that only comes from authentic, real, and unique self expression-From your heart directly onto the canvas for the world to see.

It's 100% possible my creative friend. It can be accomplished without traditional art school, outdated techniques, or art classes that just fall short of ACTUALLY teaching you.

Who Am I?

My name is Lisa Mann, and I am the founder of Lisa Mann Fine Art and Gap Year for Grown-ups

With over 30 years experience as an educator, counselor, working artist and gallery owner, I’ve developed a system that helps artists and aspiring artists to paint powerfully and beautifully( whatever their level) and helps connect them to their voice, and the world at large.
Today, my award winning paintings are seen in international galleries, and my studio and gallery in the Greek Islands.
My students have gone on to become award winning artists themselves.

All of this is possible in an 8 week class?




The contents are delivered over 8 weeks, but the results and your connections last a lifetime.

I am here to offer you an opportunity to have your art and your creative life transformed with...


The Abstract Art INTENSIVE


The curriculum inside this program is the culmination of 3 decades as a licensed teacher, counselor, award winning artist and gallery owner, with two master’s degrees and a 6-figure income. There’s truly nothing like it.

It is time to unleash your creativity and paint your soul on the canvas.


I have a system, and I'll show you how.

See Student Success Stories

When you join the Abstract Art Intensive, you’ll learn how to create meaningful, soulful and powerful art through my proven method:


We start by examining our thoughts and Lisa's unique framework: The 6 rhythms of creativity to remove your blocks, so you can step into the life and creativity of your dreams.

From a place of confidence, you learn carefully curated and streamlined solid artistic principles and tools to incorporate into abstract art creation. No more guess work about how to create art that is award winning, powerful personal and based on years of artistic education. Color mixing, design, value, composition. Step by step we cover it all. Lisa's talent as a teacher is put into place as she approaches the information from multiple angles so any and ALL learners can access and incorporate.

Then, you’ll strategically begin to create art from "the inside out"- using the solid artistic tools you have learned, combined with the inner rhythms of your creativity, to create powerfully on the canvas so it’s aligned with YOU. There’s not a one size fits all approach, so you’ll use my customized, Abstract Art INTENSIVE as your tool for creative growth and expansion. I don’t just teach you art, I help you integrate that process of creating art into your life because art and life are so connected. 

You’ll be fully equipped mastering this comprehensive and proven framework.

Ready to join us? There's everything that’s waiting for you inside.

My Abstract Art Intensive will enable you to create your OWN award winning abstract art.

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Examine your own rhythms and transform them onto the canvas.
Recognize your inherent ebbs and flow, your own hidden creative process in your life and learn to apply these to the canvas. These are transformational tools that you can use for the rest of your life.
Have the weekly support to take action + embody the work both on and off the canvas to transform your your art from the inside out, so you’re more authentic in your creativity.

SOLID ARTISTIC TOOLS to create abstract art

We need to learn the rules so we use them, bend them, mold them to fit our vision. Demonstrations in both oil and cold wax and and acrylic paints, the principles of Color mixing, understanding neutrals, design principles, composition, focal points, movement in your piece are all explored in depth. We cover it all and so much more. Abstract art that is award winning and powerful? That uses the same solid artistic concepts that traditional art follows. And I'll teach you step how to use these in abstract art so you have all the tools and confidence to move your art to the next level.


Creating powerful art is one piece of the puzzle. Having the confidence, the support, the community, to connect and cheer you on? That is often the missing piece and I'll provide a solid platform for you to get the support you need and deserve! Within the support of an intentional and mindful group  of creative souls, you will build the courage to share from our souls and let our art be a true reflection of ourselves.



  1. Access to monthly zoom calls for a year with Lisa to support you every step of the way. (starting in January 2023)

  2. 8 weekly instructional videos to complete at your own pace and submit to our community where you can give and receive feedback.
  3. Weekly strategies and questions to ponder in order to integrate the principles of Lisa's 6 rhythms of creativity into both your artwork and your life
  4. Proven Abstract Art Intensive Frameworks + Strategies you can start using in your life and art immediately.
  5. An incredible community of fellow like minded artists and creative souls who get it, who are there to support you for you to step into your next level of creativity!

I'll share with you the exact tools that I developed and used over decades of work as an artist, teacher and counselor, to take my own art to the next level.

Using both oil and cold wax and acrylics for demonstrations....

This highly interactive online program will give you the essential ingredients you need to make abstract art that is stronger and more personal — 
It is for artists of all levels, from beginner to advanced. 

Connect to a courageous mindset
Learn to Paint Powerfully
Become the artist you were meant to be

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Fiona | London, England

I was working with oil paints, timidly moving paint around...I wanted to learn skills and gain confidence. Lisa's course asked me questions I hadn't thought about before that immediately gave me a clear understanding of the process, and my work blossomed in astounding ways. My work feels meaningful to me, which is the biggest gift of all. I know exactly what to do so I don't get so stuck.  I'm having so much more success  and fun, because I'm not so worried about the outcome.



Debbie| Portland, Maine

One of the main things that's so great about Lisa's program is the group dynamic. I didn't realize I'd bond so deeply with the other participants. Lisa is by far the best teacher I have had anywhere- ever. She is so incredibly skilled at making everyone feel  comfortable, heard, accepted. She gently opened the door for us to connect in real, vulnerable and meaningful ways in a way that I had- in all my 66 years and schooling- never experienced before. I was able to connect with other artists who are beginners like me, and others who are professionals. I've made life  long meaningful friendships, and found my creative voice. Worth every penny and more.

James | San Francisco, California

Before Creative Breakthrough Blueprint, I was feeling lost, demoralized a bit actually  by living a life that wasn't really true to myself.   After? I'm confident, exuberant even in my art making. I am much clearer on what I'm doing art-wise, and I completely see the connections with my art and my life in general. Since taking Lisa's course in 2020, I have been working full time as an artist and making a living making art. In my wildest dreams, this would be my life. Thank you Lisa!!



Click the images below to hear from past students

An Artist is Born

She has new freedom and confidence

An Artist is Born

She is connected and inspired

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Student's art transformation

Using compositional tools, Values, and focal points, the student transformed her work so that now she is skillfully leading the viewers eyes through the painting.


Student's art breakthrough 

Working with stencils, washes, and Lisa's method of revealing and concealing, the student's art is unified and offers a calmer more powerful statement.


What are you waiting for?

You have a choice:

You can keep trying to go down this creative path alone..fumbling along and never really  getting the support and guidance you need... or....

You can invest in yourself,  join us, and finally feel at home in your art practice...START MAKING YOUR most powerful personal connected art TODAY

( Space is extremely limited because I want to get to know ALL of you and your art on a deep and personal level)


  • A year's worth of abstract art instruction delivered over 8 weeks
  • 1 year access to instructional videos to watch and rewatch 
  • Access to private community. This is where you can be a part of a supportive community, give and receive feedback, and get even MORE inspiration and encouragement. Hint: you do not need to have Facebook™ to be apart of this community!
  • Step-by-step instructional videos and resources ( Over 30 videos!!)
  • Access to 1 year of monthly zoom calls with Lisa and other LMFA students (zooms starting in January 2023).
  • Lisa's proven framework for success to use her 6 Rhythms of Creativity to create art from your soul
  • Artistic tools and lessons on creating award winning abstract art
  • An opportunity to have your work be in 'the hot seat' and get live critiques or watch other's work get feedback
  • Step-by-step weekly instructional videos to create projects using carefully timed artistic concepts
  • Step-by-step videos to create a series of paintings that you will complete over the course of 8 weeks 
  • Transformation and support
  • The tools to know
    • How to tell when your art is done 
    • How to face a blank canvas
    • What to do next 
    • Take all the guesswork out of the creation of soulful abstract art 
    • A BLUEPRINT you can use so you know exactly what to do next
    • Color mixing like the pros 
    • Lessons in composition, value and focal points 
    • Finally, how to create art that is a powerful reflection of your heart and soul



When you signup today you will receive these 3 bonus offers!

  •  20% off all other LMFA art courses
  •  3 bonus art course classes
  •  A chance to become a Lisa Mann Fine Art Affiliate Partner.
  •  Access to participate in upcoming Lisa Mann fine art virtual exhibitions.

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“Is this really the right class for me?”


  • You’re an experienced artist, but you’re tired of your same old paintings and tools.
  • You feel stuck and want  a road map to bring your art to the next level. 
  • You’re a totally new artist, and you have always yearned to make and create but never thought you had the skills or talent but you are ready to jump in.
  • You’re ready to 10x your confidence, and consistently and have a proven method so you know what to do every time you step to the canvas.
  • you want to experience the freedom oof abstract expression and have no idea where to start or how to incorporate abstract work  into your realistic tendencies 
  • You have raised a family, recently retired,  and this is FINALLY something soothing ,calming, and full of heart and soul that you want to do JUST FOR YOU
  • You have seen images of oil and cold wax paintings and want to watch and learn how to use the special sumptuous material to paint with.
  • You are ready to finally step into the creative life that you have yearned for and be the artist you were meant to be
  • you are tired of going down this road alone and want a guide and  community to help get you there, supporting you every step of the way.
  • You are ready and eager to learn new and innovative techniques
  • you need a kickstart of inspiration. you want  loosen up, stop feeling each painting is so precious 

Here is a recap of everything included with the program...



  • Access to the Abstract Art Intensive's full curriculum
  • Resource section center with practical step-by-step guides for foundational artistic principles and tools
  • 8 weekly trainings, behind the scenes demo sessions with Lisa
  • Powerful lessons, experiential questions to integrate the principles of the 6 rhythms of creativity int your art practice and life
  • Interactive weekly lessons + projects
  • Learn from some of the best! Get Lisa's award winning expertise that she developed over thirty years of creating and teaching
  • A proven method to create your own creative blueprint using Lisa’s 6 rhythms of creativity
  • 8 weeks of solid artistic tools and techniques



  • Powerful personal art transformation you’ve never experienced before.
  • In-depth guidance on how to build a creative practice that incorporates the rhythms of creativity into your creation of glorious abstract art
  • Fully aligned art practice that’s tailored specifically to YOU and your goals... whatever stage of you art career you're at
  • Deep immersion into my methodology, Abstract Art Intensive, 6 rhythms of creativity framework, giving you powerful new transformational tools and techniques to use 
  • Upon completion, you will have the tools to create personal and wonderful art that you love, speaks to your soul, and feels connected to your unique voice. 

Coaching, Connection, and Community

  • 1 year's access to monthly zoom calls with Lisa for all of your questions, answers, and to meet your fellow tribe of artists. 
  • Private community to unpacking ideas, give and receive feedback, stay motivated and inspired by a group of like minded peers from all over world
  • ONE YEAR Access to ALL course content and a supportive group of likeminded souls in your cohort








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