Paint an Etherial Scottish Landscape

Immerse yourself in the rugged beauty of the Scottish highlands and learn to paint these mysterious landscapes using oil and cold wax medium.



Virtual travel- from your art studio to the fields of Scotland.

Miss the excitement and the exploration of getting on a plane and traveling to far off, exciting and rich landscapes? Me too. Let my experiences in Scotland, our imaginations, and our paintbrushes transport us to these rich and historied landscapes.

In addition to step by step instruction to create these stunning landscapes in oil and cold wax medium, I'll share images, favorite recipes, and music from my experiences ( leading bicycle tours and hiking) through this magical place.


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Have you seen images of oil  and cold wax paintings and wanted to learn how to use this special material?

Going to an in person workshop is more difficult today than ever. There are so few teachers out there who work in this medium, Let me bring my art studio  to your home.

It's true...that foggy landscape....with

  • ancient cobblestone pathways,
  • smokey pubs with live fiddlers,
  •  hearty food and friendly folks,
  • and emerald green fields as far as the eye can see.......

It gets into your soul.

Join me and we will travel there together without leaving home

With our imaginations and our paintbrush.

Use code: PAINTFORWARD to receive 40% savings on the course and get it for only $225!

Let's do this!


Learn to create stunning effects

that mimic foggy fields and skies filled with dense clouds. Meet me where the land and sky connect, and the veil between reality and our perception is thin.


Step-by-step, solid instructions

Allow you to learn the skills and apply them to your own creative vision. Solid instruction on fundamentals of painting and great design, applied to oil and cold wax painting.


Work with Cold Wax medium

Having fun and playing is SO critical in artistic expression! COLD WAX medium when used properly lends itself so perfectly to this playful and intuitive process. I'll show you how!! 

What is Cold Wax Medium and why is it different than just oil paints or acrylics?

Cold wax is a sumptuous paste that is added to oil paints to create gorgeous abstract paintings. It is what I use mostly in my own award winning work and I will be showing you how to use it.

It is a totally unique material with unique working properties and a look that is ethereal, translucent, and playful all at the same time

When I first saw paintings made with oil and cold wax many years ago, I fell in love. The rich history, the layers, the  luminance just took my breath away. But I couldn't find anyone to teach me how to use it. It is not like you can go to art school to learn these tools. So I travelled throughout the states and also to Europe to seek out teachers, and talented artists using this unique medium- to share their tools with me. Like a story being written, each cold wax and oil painting is like a journey. Step by step we create a rich adventure on the canvas, following unexpected twists and turns. We compose this into a meaningful piece art, and  often scrape back to reveal the rich layers below. The process is intuitive and free. The cold wax allows us to experiment and explore in a way that neither pure oil paints or acrylics would ever let us do. Quite frankly- it is an opening to a creative door. And I want to share these tools with you.


SO you don't have to travel the globe like I did to learn these skills- they are right at your fingertips with this course!

Join me on the journey!

We will learn to create layers, add depth and textures, exciting expressions and explore the wonders of cold wax medium.

Creating abstract art is simply fun, and each painting is its own adventure waiting to be shared.

James | San Francisco, California

"Before taking one of Lisa's classes, I was feeling lost, demoralized a bit actually  by living a life that wasn't really true to myself.  After? I'm confident, exuberant even in my art making. I am much clearer on what I'm doing art-wise, and I completely see the connections with my art and my life in general. Since taking Lisa's course in 2020, I have been working full time as an artist and making a living making art. In my wildest dreams, this would be my life. Thank you Lisa!!!"

Use code: PAINTFORWARD to receive 40% savings on the course and get it for only $225!

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Who Am I?

My name is Lisa Mann, and I am the founder of Lisa Mann Fine Art and Gap Year for Grown-ups

With over 30 years experience as an educator, counselor, working artist and gallery owner, I’ve developed a system that helps artists and aspiring artists to paint powerfully and beautifully( whatever their level) and helps connect them to their voice, and the world at large.
Today, my award winning paintings are seen in international galleries, and my studio and gallery in the Greek Islands.
My students have gone on to become award winning artists themselves.

Debbie| Portland, Maine

"One of the main things that's so great about Lisa's program is the group dynamic. I didn't realize I'd bond so deeply with the other participants. Lisa is by far the best teacher I have had anywhere- ever. She is so incredibly skilled at making everyone feel  comfortable, heard, accepted. She gently opened the door for us to connect in real, vulnerable and meaningful ways in a way that I had- in all my 66 years and schooling- never experienced before. I was able to connect with other artists who are beginners like me, and others who are professionals. I've made life  long meaningful friendships, and found my creative voice. Worth every penny and more."

Questions? Here are some answers!


  • Classes are instant-access. Once you enroll, you will be provided with access to all content immediately. You can work through the classes at your own pace.
  • Lessons are broken down into small modules so even busy folks can tailor it to suit their needs.
  • I take you step-by-step through my process, and you see close and personal how I make these paintings, including when things didn't go precisely as planned.
  • You do need an internet connection, and once you enroll, the instant access classes are available to watch and rewatch for as long as you like.
  • You don't need to be an experienced artist..
  • Yes, This type of painting is intuitive. And fun.

More FAQ's. Click on the boxes below to see the answer.

Use code: PAINTFORWARD to receive 40% savings on the course and get it for only $225!

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Cosette's art transformation


Using compositional tools, Values, and focal points, Cosette transformed her work so that now she is skillfully leading the viewers eyes through the painting.

Greg's art breakthrough 


Working with stencils, washes, and Lisa's method of revealing and concealing, Greg's art is unified and offers a calmer more powerful statement.


What are you waiting for?

You have a choice:

You can keep trying to go down this creative path alone..fumbling along and never really  getting the support and guidance you need... or....

You can invest in yourself,  join us, and finally feel at home in your art practice...START MAKING YOUR most powerful personal connected art TODAY


Not all Teachers are Created Equal

"If you are looking for a jumpstart in your creative endeavors , look no further than one of Lisa Mann's classes. She is generous with her comments and advice to help you travel further in your journey without being restrictive. I've taken several classes from her, and as a retired teacher, I can spot a "good one" a mile away and Lisa fits all the criteria..she is knowledgeable and open minded with a full range of resources, she never makes you feel inadequate, even when you do less than stellar work, she always has a kind word of encouragement to all without being condescending. To watch her paint is therapaeutic and inspiring. Can you tell I'm a lifelong fan? I've never met Lisa but I consider her a good friend!"

Nita F., Fredericksburg, VA 

What You'll Receive Today


  • Instant-access to course material. You can work through the classes at your own pace.
  • Step-by-step video lessons with written materials.
  • I teach you exactly how to paint through my process
  • Learn how to work with Oil and Cold Wax medium
  • Access to my private FB™ community

Use code: PAINTFORWARD to receive 40% savings on the course and get it for only $225!

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An Artist is Born

She is connected and inspired