The Creative Clan 

An abstract art membership community to explore and excel in your art skills.

An encouraging and stimulating community for artists of all levels interested in creating authentic and powerful abstract art with WHATEVER medium you work with!!

  • Get access to fantastic art education content to help you move towards your next creative breakthrough. 
  • Receive a monthly art project prompt, lesson, and module each month for a 1 year. (plus bonus content!)
  • Video lessons are in both oil and cold wax, AND acrylics.
  • Access to a private community of abstract artists
  • The focus is on creativity, skills, community.
  • BONUS if you sign up today! Gain access to 12 monthly zoom calls with Lisa and other Lisa Mann Fine Art students where you can get your art critiqued, ask questions, and meet other artists! Get access to 2 MORE bonus art courses "The Creative Color Challenge" and "The Mindful Creativity Challenge!" 

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From novice to advanced, we’re here to support your creativity, inspire you towards growth, and help you find the artist inside of you.


Finally express yourself in an authentic and powerful way, under the guidance of an experienced artist, teacher, counselor, and gallery owner. You will be able to stop overthinking, learn to control that inner critic, and just experience the freedom of PLAY and creativity.

Step by step monthly projects and group critique sessions

Stay inspired, and keep progressing with step by step monthly art lessons and group critiques- so your creativity is always growing and your soul flourishes.

How does the monthly membership work?

Each month you will have access to a new lesson and module. Every month is focused on a different aspect of design and abstract art.(think how to mix and chose your colors, using design in abstract art, creating the illusion of detail, using value to create focal points, etc.)

You will be given instructional tools to understand these artistic principles, followed by a step-by-step video lesson incorporating these tools.

Access to monthly zoom calls (starting in January 2023) gives you an opportunity to meet Lisa and other students to learn from one another and ask questions to Lisa directly. 

Access to a private Facebook™ community to share your art and receive feedback 24/7!

Each month consists of:

  • A different skill building focus
  • A new and engaging project based on that artistic principle
  • Monthly zoom call


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Abstract Art Education


It’s FINALLY time to invest in your desire to create.

Its time to put your art, your creativity, your self expression at the front of the line.

Connecting with others through creativity and community is something that would soothe your soul right now.

You have art inside of you, but you just need more tools to express yourself.

You want to learn how to bring your unique beauty into the world because contributing beauty and art is needed now more than ever.

From beginner to advanced artists- gain the confidence, the knowledge, and support you have been missing.

Who Am I?

My name is Lisa Mann, and I am the founder of Lisa Mann Fine Art and Gap Year for Grown-ups

With over 30 years experience as an educator, counselor, working artist and gallery owner, I’ve developed a system that helps artists and aspiring artists to paint powerfully and beautifully( whatever their level) and helps connect them to their voice, and the world at large.
Today, my award winning paintings are seen in international galleries, and my studio and gallery in the Greek Islands.
My students have gone on to become award winning artists themselves.

What is included?

βœ… Monthly skill builders, focused on tips and tricks for creating glorious abstract art.

βœ… Monthly projects. Step-by-step video lessons highlighting design principles, composition, color mixing, and tools to create a beautiful abstract painting.

 βœ… Access to once a month zoom meeting so you can gain a better understanding of where you want your art to go and how to get there.

βœ… Ways to collaborate, share resources, and also learn from other active members of the group who are fellow creative souls.

βœ… Get access to 2 MORE BONUS art courses "The Creative Color Challenge" and "The Mindful Creativity Challenge!" 

Does this sound familiar? 


  • You feel isolated and would like some support during your artistic life journey.
  • You are the only one at the gathering dreaming of that new color you just purchased or the possibilities of Indian Yellow.
  • You want to talk about your latest art piece but you realize you have now idea how to share your art that is inside of you with the world at large..
  • Sometimes you wonder if you just never will be able to speak powerfully from your heart.
  • There is a burning desire to share such a wealth of glory and beauty inside of you, but it feels stuck.

Art is perhaps one of the only places these days that brings some relief to the enormous stressors we are all facing...and you would like some company, guidance, and encouragement in your art practice.

Join The Creative Clan


When you sign up today you'll get 2 FREE months worth of access to the materials the course content. 

Monthly zoom calls start in January 2023!

And get access to 2 MORE BONUS art courses "The Creative Color Challenge" and "The Mindful Creativity Challenge!" 

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Fiona | London, England

I was working with oil paints, timidly moving paint around...I wanted to learn skills and gain confidence. Lisa's course asked me questions I hadn't thought about before that immediately gave me a clear understanding of the process, and my work blossomed in astounding ways. My work feels meaningful to me, which is the biggest gift of all. I know exactly what to do so I don't get so stuck.  I'm having so much more success  and fun, because I'm not so worried about the outcome.



Debbie| Portland, Maine

One of the main things that's so great about Lisa's program is the group dynamic. I didn't realize I'd bond so deeply with the other participants. Lisa is by far the best teacher I have had anywhere- ever. She is so incredibly skilled at making everyone feel  comfortable, heard, accepted. She gently opened the door for us to connect in real, vulnerable and meaningful ways in a way that I had- in all my 66 years and schooling- never experienced before. I was able to connect with other artists who are beginners like me, and others who are professionals. I've made life  long meaningful friendships, and found my creative voice. Worth every penny and more.

James | San Francisco, California

Before Creative Breakthrough Blueprint, I was feeling lost, demoralized a bit actually  by living a life that wasn't really true to myself.   After? I'm confident, exuberant even in my art making. I am much clearer on what I'm doing art-wise, and I completely see the connections with my art and my life in general. Since taking Lisa's course in 2020, I have been working full time as an artist and making a living making art. In my wildest dreams, this would be my life. Thank you Lisa!!



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  • 1 new art lesson and module each month for 1 year.

  • Access to a private community to share your art.

  • 12 month access to monthly zoom call with Lisa and LMFA students (starting Jan. 2023)

  • Keep your subscription going after 1 year to keep access to module materials forever!
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An exciting and encouraging, community for artists of all, levels where you can gain knowledge, and share in the delight, the growth, and the success of making powerful abstract art that speaks from your heart.


$625 for the year

Get 1 month free when you pay in full!

  • 1 new art lesson and module each month for 1 year.

  • Access to a private community to share your art.

  • 12 month access to monthly zoom call with Lisa and LMFA students (starting Jan. 2023)

  • Keep your subscription going after 1 year to keep access to module materials forever!
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