I love to spend my time creating, traveling, and teaching. With a Bachelor of Arts in Development Psychology and 2 Masters Degrees in both Education and Counseling, I have nourished my love for inspiring people through teaching, counseling, and nonprofit work and travel. Throughout my journey, I have lived on three continents, always looking for ways to explore and broaden my horizons while working in schools and organizations. Even though I studied  art as a minor in college, my art often took a back seat to my work, my family, and often one thing or another that drew my attention elsewhere.I cannot remember a time that I wasn’t ALWAYS creating something, but I didn’t always prioritize creativity in my life…until I realized just how powerful and important it was to me.

I’ve been lucky enough to to travel all over the world, surrounding myself with unbelievably beautiful landscapes. Expressing myself and these memories through my art is what finally allowed me to simply feel free. Once I opened myself up to painting, something in me flourished.

I truly believe that No matter how old we are, inside we are all artists.

That’s the gift I like to give all my students - the ability to creatively express themselves through paint.

Art connects us to each other... and to ourselves.

Whether you’re a collector, an appreciator, a creator, a hopeful, or all of the above, art has the power to tap into our collective emotions and bring us together in community.

Let’s explore that together.

Recognition & Representation

After numerous awards and recognition for my artwork, and representation by 8 galleries across the US, Covid has led me to rethink things a bit. Rather than inhabiting my lovely gallery in Portland Oregon, I have traded in city life and gallery representation by third parties, and owning my own gallery in the city, to something that feels simpler and more connected.

Currently I reside on a small Greek Island, where I gather inspiration from the landscape and the people I meet. I paint, I teach workshops, and have a small gallery on the Island of Naxos where you can see my work and enjoy a moment in the glorious surroundings. Additionally my prints and limited edition artworks are now available online!! 

To buy prints check out the painting tab in the main menu.

To visit me in the Greek Island of Naxos, come and join me for a retreat and/or drop me a line!

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