Art Classes


Great art comes from within. We all know it when we see it- the piece that just stops you in your tracks and takes your breath away.

Wouldn’t it be powerful to express yourself so freely?


These classes will indeed teach you technique with solid guiding principals of strong abstract art. But it is so much deeper than just the tools, It is about teaching you to dig deep to express yourself, have the confidence and courage to create, the freedom to play and rejoice on the canvas. 


Not all teachers are created equal.

It takes a special soul to really find out where her learners are, and to actually find methods that work for each and every individual that takes a class. Lisa combines her artistic talents with her incredible wealthy of knowledge and years of experience teaching, for an unforgettable and simply life changing experience. 

You want to connect with your spirit, sure, but you also want to enjoy the results of your work.

With classes at Lisa Mann Fine Art Studio, we know that great art comes from within...and that expressing yourself fully and confidently doesn’t have to come at the expense of learning cool new painting techniques.

We capture both sides of the creative process: we lead with the spirit, intuition and playful side of expression, then make sure that you are equipped with the technical tools to express yourself and make stunning art.

This is an invitation...

To become the artist you were meant to be….. Join me!!!

Online Classes

Get the same award winning content from Lisa delivered directly to your home studio. Go at your own pace, watch and rewatch when its convenient. 

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Oil and Cold Wax Painting 101

Learn to paint a series of abstract landscapes while utilizing these magic materials of oil paints mixed with cold wax mediums. Lisa will start at the very beginning of how to use the materials, and paint abstract landscapes from your soul. ALL levels welcome!!
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Scottish Landscapes

As a traveler at heart, who has worn so many “hats”, Lisa brings you to the rocky green cliffs of the Scottish highlands where she lived long ago. Lisa teaches you step by step how to create theses signature ethereal effects in your paintings using oil and cold wax medium
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Doorways of Greece

Another spectacular oil and cold wax abstract painting course..This time exploring the sublimely aged, earthy, textured and colorful doorwards of the Greek Island Lisa calls “home”. Using mark making , layers, and solid artistic principles of design, Lisa teaches you to interpret these colorful doorways and ancient walls.
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Create a Bold, Beautiful & Intuitive Abstract Series

Learn to create intuitive abstract art with acrylics. Create a series of bold and beautiful abstract paintings to lift your spirits and soothe your soul.
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Membership community

A hybrid approach: Monthly classes and projects delivered online. Go at your own pace and also have access to Lisa and a cohort of like minded artists, for Lcritiques, and guidance.

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The Creative Clan Membership 

Monthly set by step projects, classes on creating abstract art, composition, color mixing made easy, and incorporating playfulness into your work. Its all here with the added bonus of a cohort of like minded artists, a private community and live monthly Q and A. What starts out as a class becomes a supportive and welcoming community of friends and artists. Join us!

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Abstract Art Intensive.


Our most in depth, personal, and powerful approach

  • Online videos,
  • A deep dive into creating abstract art 
  • Give yourself a huge jumpstart. FOR ALL LEVELS
  • Like a year long college art course, packed into 8 weeks 
  • Impeccably delivered and meaningful art instruction.
  • FINALLY become the artist you were meant to be. 


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Hear what a LMFA student has to say about the courses

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