3 Ways to Make your Abstract Painting MORE Abstract

Sep 01, 2023

Abstract painting is a style of art that uses shapes and colors to create a composition. It can be done in any medium, but it's most often seen on canvas or paper.
Abstract artists typically focus on creating compositions that are more about feeling than they are about reality. They want viewers to interpret their work rather than simply looking at the subject matter depicted in it--and this is why abstract paintings are often so difficult for people who aren't familiar with them! If you're an abstract artist yourself, then you know how important it is for your work not only look good but also communicate clearly with viewers who don't yet understand what makes your paintings so special.

Technique 1: Create Unusual Color Combinations

The first way to make your abstract painting more abstract is to utilize a limited palette. This can be achieved by limiting number of you use, or by choosing that are not traditionally associated with each other. For example, if you're painting with acrylics and want to create an unusual combination of colors, try using a blue-green hue with a red-orange hue as opposed to mixing them together on your palette (you may have noticed that these two hues are opposites).
Another way of making your abstract paintings more abstract is through experimentation with complementary colors: pairs such as red/green or yellow/violet. Complementary pairs have opposing values (lightness) but share the same hue; they will therefore appear very different when placed next to each other because they have opposite color temperatures (warmth).

Technique 2: Utilize Different Textures and Mark Making

The second technique is to utilize different textures and mark making. This can be done by experimenting with different tools, such as using a toothbrush or foam brush instead of a regular brush. You could also try combining the techniques from Technique #1 (brushing) with this one (textures). For example, you could use a sponge to apply paint on top of an already abstract painting that has been brushed in order to create more texture in your work.
Another way you can experiment with textures is by mixing colors together before applying them onto your canvas or paper surface; this will give you a completely new look compared to if all the colors had been applied separately! Try experimenting with different types of brushes too--you might find one type works better than another depending on what effect you're going for!

Technique 3: Add a Pop of Color

  • Choose a bright color to draw attention.
  • Use the color sparingly and strategically.
  • Think about where you want to place it in relation to other elements in your painting, such as lines exist on the canvas.


Now that you know the three techniques for making your abstract painting more abstract, it's time to get started!
If you're a beginner painter and want to try out some new ideas, I recommend starting with the first technique: using cool colors. This is a good way to ease into abstraction because it doesn't require much skill or knowledge about color theory--you can just pick any set of paints and start painting! You'll be surprised by how different the results are from what you'd get if you were using warm colors instead. Once you've had some practice with this method (and maybe even gotten bored), move on to the second: adding more detail in certain areas of your painting. This will help keep things interesting while still keeping them simple enough so as not too overwhelm anyone looking at them. Finally, once those two techniques have been mastered by all parties involved (the artist included), try experimenting with different mediums such as pastels or charcoal--this will give viewers something new while still staying true enoughtly abstracted so as not scare away potential buyers who may not be used seeing such bold strokes before now.



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