5 Ways to Ignite Creativity as an Artist

abstract painting inspiration Dec 13, 2022

We all have stumbling blocks and dry spells that take away from us being the most creative that we can be. As artists it is imperative that we have tools and tricks to reignite creativity within ourself. 

Here are a few tricks to helpfully lodge your creative muse out of hibernation

1. Try a new material or approach

When we get out of our comfort zone, that’s usually when we free up our mind the most. Putting less pressure on ourselves allows us to explore and play, often resulting in creative breakthroughs. So use a different painting medium or try something new to jump out of your normal routine!

2. Get out of your routine….

Lots of us like to have a schedule or routine. There’s nothing wrong with this, but sometimes when we stick to doing the same old thing it can lead to a creative dry spout. To counteract this try using colors that you don’t normally use or maybe try painting at a different time of the day. Try to resist judgement and allow your work to unfold.

3. Take a class to ignite your creativity!

Having support of others and a trusted instructor to guide you through the experience makes all the difference. Sometimes all you need is a push from an outside source. Painting doesn’t have to be a completely solitude experience. Being able to paint alongside someone else can give a massive creative breakthrough and ignite that creativity once again! Check out my intro to abstract landscapes course! This is a great course for beginners and advanced painters alike. 

4. Join a group!

Are you a part of any artistic Facebook groups? If not, you definitely need to be! These are wonderful places to share your art, get helpful criticism, and join in on exciting discussions. My private, free Facebook group, Abstract Academy, is a great place to start. With over 1,000 artists from all over the world you’re sure to find helpful insights and tips from the community. In fact, so many people have asked me to start a more in-depth, paid monthly subscription group that it’s currently in the making! Join my new monthly membership group here!

5. Think about a retreat to soothe your soul.

Art retreats are some of the most impactful places I’ve found for myself to be able to reignite my passion for art and also my creativeness. Something about focusing on the simple things in a beautiful setting and just painting can be the most magical experience. Sign up for an upcoming retreat here.

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