6 Tips to Get You into Your Creative Zone

abstract painting Dec 13, 2022

Hello and welcome to the first of many blog posts.

This is a wonderful space for me to share helpful tips on painting abstractly, share in my creative process, and keep you up to date on any new and exciting happenings at Lisa Mann Fine Art.

I have really felt a calling this past year in particular to create. It’s been such a source of joy, and connection to show up and paint with loved ones near and far over our shared virtual art adventures.

To get us started, and to hopefully help combat a bit of the winter blues, I’d like to share these 6 tips to help get us all into our creative zone

And who knows, maybe even promote an artistic breakthrough

1. Turn Your Brain and Inner Critic Off

As best as you can, notice when your inner critic is taking over and sabotaging everything. When you hear more negative thoughts in your head than positive, take a break, and come back to your painting later. Go for a walk, read a book, share a nice meal with those at home, and then approach your painting with fresh eyes.

2. Get Rid of “Perfect”

Think of it like this: Art is a language. We ALL have something worthy to say even if the grammar isn’t correct.

3. Music is a Powerful Influence

Your immediate environment affects your art. Turn on some playful music that reminds you of a wonderful friend, a moment you remember fondly when the possibilities seemed endless. It will show up in your artwork.

4. You are Exactly “Good Enough” to Share Whatever Art is Inside of You

I believe we are ALL artists. It’s easy to get caught in the trap that “I will share when I am good enough.” Whatever art you have, wherever you are at in your journey – there is beauty in that. Share it!

5. Throw Out the Rule Book

Some of the most powerful art breaks all the rules. Let your intuition and your playfulness be the guide. Play first, and then tweak your work afterward with solid design principles.

6. Consider Joining an Online Class in Abstract Painting

It’s such a fun way to let your creativity unfold, and actually an amazing stress relief. Sometimes taking a class, and letting someone else be in the driver’s seat while we learn a new technique or approach is just what we need to jump-start our creativity. Check out some of these fun offerings!

Hope to see you here often and thank you so much for joining me on this journey.

Happy creating!

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