All greens are not created equal

abstract painting color mixing inspiration Jan 19, 2022

As artists we see the nuance in the world around us. We are deeply moved by a field of poppies, the pink clouds at sunset, the shimmer of sunlight n the water.

I am often  asked bout GREEN. How to achieve a realistic looking green, why greens can overpower a  painting, and which greens do I use exactly? I am a big believer in mixing my own greens. In fact, I like to mix all of my own colors. I almost always start with a limited palette( two colors opposite each other on the color wheel with the addition of blanc and white. Yep- thats it. You would be amazed at how many colors you can achieve and how gorgeous the results can be. 

Part of my job as an artist is to really study the small details, take in a whole scene, and notice the differences. look at this field of green I have video tapes. It is a lush green mountains cape on aa greek island in winter. How manny hues of green, how many shades...notice the nuance with me, and leave a comment below. How many shades of green do you see?

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