Artistic Truth: Attitude and Art ARE Connected

inspiration Dec 13, 2022

artist standing in front of easel painting blue abstract painting

This post is dedicated to the artist’s out there that are just beginning their journey. There is an artistic truth that sometimes is overlooked or not even recognized and that is, your attitude and art ARE connected. The energy you bring to the table when creating your art piece can have a very profound impact on what you create. That feeling in your thought process while painting can have a lasting impact and once that painting is finished and you look back at it years later you might be able to transport yourself back to the time you were creating that piece. 


Before you sit down at your painting and begin the painting process, I want to ask you something? Are you approaching this with a mindset of…”gosh I’m just not an artist, and I doubt I’ll be able to create something beautiful?”

I am here to tell you that we are ALL artists at heart. Art is simply another form of self expression. Sure, some of us have more practice than others. But it is not something that is reserved to just a few “talented” individuals. It’s for ALL of us, and art has the ability to express a piece of our souls that words simply cannot. 

What we think and how we feel is directly related to what shows up on the canvas, particularly when we are painting from a more intuitive approach as we will do in abstract art and how we do in my online art classes.

Give yourself the opportunity to let your art emerge beautifully without putting parameters on it by infusing self doubt. Allow your art to shine. I always tell myself, “I have all the time in the world to allow this art to emerge beautifully.” Give yourself the benefit of the doubt and allow the beauty of what is inside to emerge on the canvas. You have got this!

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