The Artistic Journey, Generosity, & Free Paintings!

abstract painting inspiration Dec 13, 2022

Spring has sprung and with it always comes exciting new changes and sparks of creativity. Does anyone else love expressing their creativity during this time through painting as much as I do? With the changes in the weather have come new ideas for myself, my online art courses, and paintings in general.

Painting it Forward with Free Paintings!

Abstract painting   

The changing seasons brought an idea in my mind. With everything that has been transpiring this year, why not try to Paint It Forward? Art has a curious way of transporting us to a different places, a different mindset and if I could help bring a little bit more joy to someone’s day by giving a few paintings away why not do it! That’s the reason I started my free painting giveaway series, “Paint It Forward.” From mid-March through April I have been giving away eight landscape art pieces to anyone who loves art and joins me in the creative journey. If you love free paintings and giveaways in general enter “Paint it Forward” here!

The Artistic Journey can be a Self-Taught Approach

Lisa Mann holding coffee cup and contemplating a painting she is working on

Art Scene Athens interviewed me a little while back about my growing abstract community. Both through my online classes as well as my facebook group, Abstract Academy. It was lovely to talk about my past as an educator and counselor, and how I transitioned to a career in art. In the interview, we discussed how I am a self-taught artist. I am a firm believer in the fact that art and creativity is a process that doesn’t necessarily need to be studied in school- it is aline in a ll of us and sometimes just needs a nudge, an awakening. Art is most powerful when it comes from your heart. When you create and express yourself freely, it is more powerful and successful than any “cookie cutter” approach to art that rigidly follows the rules. When we dare to bend rules towards  self-expression, that is where the magic happens.

If you’d like to read the full interview from Art Scene Athens you can do so here.

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