The Painting Process and Art Transformation

abstract painting color mixing inspiration Dec 13, 2022

How a Painting can Transform from Start to Finish

In the process of art, a painting can transform completely from start to finish. This transformation can be subtle or completely unexpected like you see from the gallery bellow. You could’ve never expected the first image out of the three to progress into the beautiful, serene painting on the right. The first piece is chaotic and filled with vibrant and dark colors. On the other hand, the finished work is a pastel landscape with floating blues and yellows.

I like to think that the painting process can be used as a metaphor almost. Sometimes things need to get messy in order for the finished product to turn out beautiful. And isn’t that all too true in our lives at some points? We all go through ups and downs, but that’s what makes us beautiful, that’s what makes us unique and builds our character. Just like how this painting needs to go through layers and processes in order to reach its fullest potential.

Take a look at another painting in progress of mine. Here you see that this piece is comprised of 4 smaller paintings that make an entire piece. I love doing these sorts of projects because #1 they’re extremely fun #2 they’re visually interesting and #3 they’re easier to make than they look from the finished product! I just love these colors. The mix of blues, oranges, greens, whites, and yellows makes for a vibrant yet earthy piece.

Sometimes watching a painting process is the best way to spark your creativity.

I don’t know about you, but I love watching painting videos. Something about someone else painting can be so calming and really put me in the mood to create myself. That’s why I love showing art process videos any chance I get! Most of the videos I post on Facebook and Instagram are just that, behind the scene looks at my favorite art pieces.

Take for instance one of my latest videos detailing the BTS process of one of my original abstract art pieces. you can view this short video at the link below!

I’m always looking to create content that other artists and novice painters genuinely enjoy consuming. If you have an idea of what you’d love to see me create or have a question about a certain process leave a comment and I may just incorporate it into my next video or session!

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