The TOP 5 Reasons to Go on an Art Retreat

inspiration Jan 03, 2023

Have you ever considered going on an art retreat? Better yet, as an artist do you know what an art retreat even is? Artist retreats are breaks from our everyday life that allow creatives to experience a calming environment in which to create rewarding work within a community.

It's a chance to reconnect with all that is beautiful in this world, learn to paint intuitive abstract landscapes with oil and cold wax, explore, and leave relaxed and invigorated.

Here are my TOP 5 reasons why investing in an artistic retreat might be the best option for you this year!


1. It allows you to immerse yourself in creativity.  

Have you ever had 3-5 days to solely focus on one thing...your art? Chances are you're raising your hand shouting NO! Well an art retreat is a space and time set up specifically to only focus on your art, creativity, and inspiration.

Now does that sound magical or what?!


2. You're surrounded by other artists!

It's so great to be in community! Sometimes as artists we are resigns to creating a lone quite a bit. Being an artist kind of lends itself to that scene. An art retreat is a rare time when you can create with other like minded individuals and just have FUN together!

I've been on many a retreat (as well as hosted them) and I can safely say, you are almost guaranteed to form lifelong friendships from these intimate gatherings.


3. It gives you the TIME when we so often think we don't have it

Enough said right here. Imagine spending three or five days only focusing on your artistic expression and really diving deep into creating art pieces that speak to you.


4. You can learn from others around you

Being surrounded by other artists, you will pick up on cool and different tricks that others use in their daily practice that you may have never thought of. This is a great time and place to experiment with new tricks and learn from those around you.


5. New scenery can be a creative escape

If your retreat space is in a gorgeous and scenic location this is all the more reason to get your creative juices flowing with everything that surrounds you.

This is a perfect time for me to invite you to JOIN one of my Abstract Art Retreats in Naxos, Greece.


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