Using Colors and our Intentions as a Tool in our Art and our Lives

inspiration Feb 01, 2023

Why are our intentions and examining our mindset important? If you ask most professional artists (be it writers, performing artists, musicians) they will all tell you that mindset matters. That it is the key to unlocking their potential and performing at their greatest.

As visual artists, I would argue that we are late to the party. We struggle in silence and don't often recognize or talk about the internal struggles, how to quiet our voices of doubt, and we are not always forthcoming about why and how this could impact our artwork.

We need a roadmap to get out of our heads and let the creativity flow.

I am here to tell you that what we think is the biggest influencer in creating powerful art. Before I examined my own intentions, my own mindset I will tell you that my own artwork felt flat, uninspired, lack luster. I had days that were awesome in the studio when it all just "came together' and then what seemed like an eternity of dry spells where I just couldn't "force myself' to get out of a rut.

It wasn't until I began to examine the power of what went on inside of my head, that my art (and of the thousands of students' of mine) began to shift into the art that we dream of. It is Art and creativity where things were easy, they felt like a true expression of myself, and were powerfully connected to what I wanted to express...and these artworks SOLD.

If you are craving this kind of freedom of creativity, Let me share with you a great place to start. By examining our intentions.

We always have intentions whether we aware of it our not. Sometimes our intentions are clear, like:

  • I want to enjoy my grandchildren
  • I want to create beautiful art
  • I intend to make time for my creativity.

But often when we step to the canvas, our hidden thoughts creep in and influence these intentions.

  • Are we doubting ourselves?
  • Worrying that the piece will never come out beautifully?
  • Thinking we will never succeed?
  • Believe we should have stayed in art school in order to create something beautiful?...

I am here to tell you that you have all the tools inside your heart to succeed and create something wildly powerful and beautiful. 3/4 of the battle is having a clear mind and heart, and the confidence that you have all the tools and the time to make something that speaks from your heart.

Mindfulness is being focused and aware of our thoughts, feelings, and surroundings. We can use our art to get into a space of focus and ease that connects with our lives outside the canvas. I encourage you today and over the next four days to not be concerned about the end result of our art, but on the process of connecting our thoughts to our art.

 Your best art will always come from following your own intuition. I encourage you to listen to what YOU find beautiful within that framework.. Ask yourself….

  • How do I want color to influence and enhance my work in the future?
  • What is stopping me from following my intuition on what I find beautiful, meaningful?
  • Do I have hidden intentions that I haven't yet discovered? Am I focusing on what I want in my art and my life( or am I perhaps focused on the fear of it not turning out as planned?)



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